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Wow,I've never see something powerfull like that. A gsxr 600 Turbo, feel the power!
Added date: 03-01
Size: 0 B
Type: mpg
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-I HAVE WOOD!!! posted by Lonndawg on 2009-01-14
-I HAVE WOOD!!! posted by Lonndawg on 2009-01-14
-that's fast posted by jrodz on 2008-01-16
-that's fast posted by jrodz on 2008-01-16
-Thats Fast For All you ASSHOLES A.G Biatch posted by unknow on 2007-03-30
-Thats Fast For All you ASSHOLES A.G Biatch posted by unknow on 2007-03-30
-iklhj posted by unknow on 2006-12-06
-iklhj posted by unknow on 2006-12-06
-I see a street posted by unknow on 2006-11-22
-I see a street posted by unknow on 2006-11-22
-whoa playa posted by brandon on 2006-09-30
-fast but too short posted by loop on 2006-09-22
-almost forgot if you whant to see a dope ass in traffic sequence onboard a bike go to They have one called Tour de Paris. It has rush hour traffic and someone with stamina as well as the balls to take it to the limit unlike homeboy overhere posted by loop on 2006-09-22
-OMFG What a high speed mouse trap. Bad Ass though. I need one !! posted by West Coast Physico on 2006-09-06
-what year was the gsxr?-the new ones have electronic speedo posted by dano on 2006-08-06
-What a rush! posted by Red Ryder on 2006-08-04
-fast!!!! posted by b-money on 2006-06-27
-the most insane ride! I want one now. posted by Jay on 2006-06-25
-wat up stupid pedro stupid mexican posted by unknow on 2006-06-01
-she go fast posted by marvin conolly on 2006-05-30
-wat up posted by unknow on 2006-05-23
-i have a cbr 600 goes about 220 cant get to 6th gear need a tubo bost or summthin email me how you get that fast posted by duce on 2006-05-07
-hell yea fee the speed posted by duce on 2006-05-01
-I own a ZX9R and I wish I had so much power I couldn't keep my wheel on the ground. posted by Stave on 2006-04-17
-this bike is fast, and i have seen bikes run and i would put it against a busa ne day, but then again this bike is turbo posted by seth on 2006-03-29
-dam! posted by shocker101 on 2006-03-09
-dffgas posted by on 2006-03-08
-/' posted by on 2006-03-08
-/' posted by on 2006-03-08
-assssssssssssssssssssssss posted by unknow on 2006-03-07
-That makes me wanna get a bike.It looked like it was doin way over a hundred.Man such a rush. posted by Wicked on 2006-02-28
-my gsxr 600 can hit 155mph but not that quick posted by potty on 2006-02-28
-For one Tank your a retard, Two thats a pretty speedy bike even though I know plenty of bikes that would blow it away. posted by Justin on 2006-02-27
-nothing posted by unknow on 2006-02-22
-1644 posted by unknow on 2006-02-19
-that WAS COOL posted by unknow on 2006-02-18
-se la jugo bonito posted by david on 2006-01-31
-cant see anything posted by blackron on 2006-01-30
-a fast bike posted by unknow on 2006-01-21
-incredible power but wasnt going that fast because you could still see the gap between the lines in the road. posted by John on 2006-01-08
-This video is the lowest quality motorcycle video i have ever seen. check out the mv agusta video versus all challengers including a cart car and a hennessy viper. also look on for real speed, gosh, you car guys need to fiqure out what really fast is! posted by steve on 2005-12-17
-MARIO- ez does it with the LSD and don't ever come near my sister (or brother) posted by Paul on 2005-12-16
-OMG!!! Unbelievable!!! posted by Geno on 2005-12-09
-i want a bike now posted by charlie on 2005-12-08
-Holy Crap posted by Zeb on 2005-12-05
-ok man i have a turboed busa and i have a cbr 600 rr and almost bought a gsxr 600,and for your info i dont know where you got 70 to 80 when u see it dead top middle thats about 100 to 110 dumb ass,and u see he is in 5th gear and almost hits 10,000 rpms so do the math dumb ass!!! posted by Brandon on 2005-12-04
-now that"s what I'm talkin bout posted by LEE CHUNG on 2005-12-03
-he only goes like 70-80 it aint all that fast and theres cars that'll di willies so i aint impressed. posted by Branden on 2005-12-02
-bikes are made to ride and enjoy the outside weather not like this this guy has no brain posted by michael on 2005-12-01
-damn mario iam a mexican and i can speak better than that. posted by Jacob on 2005-11-26
-never seen a 600 with a turbo...fastest one i've seen yet. Nothing like setting a wheelie down at 160. Come check out my GSXR!)) with a turbo in the browse pics..its pushin 250hp :) posted by Randall on 2005-11-17
- fast posted by DANIEL on 2005-11-17
-That's crazy I probably wouldn't have done that if I had a motorcycle. posted by John on 2005-11-11
- just insane posted by unknow on 2005-11-07
- Jesus that was insane, I would like to see a third person on that one... posted by Mike on 2005-10-19
-I have a 2005 Yamaha R6. The way this bike pulls makes my bike look silly. Very nice. Daddy likey!! posted by lance on 2005-10-07
-Cool racing. Not Mercedes though like I asked for. posted by Chantal on 2005-09-28
- and he could have gone faster, look at the tach. meter, it doesnt even redline...i bet he could have got about 5 more seconds of gas on that sucker posted by James on 2005-08-20
- that was fast posted by James on 2005-08-19
-is any video in here long all the videos i seen are too short posted by luis on 2005-07-30
-I usually dont like bykes. That bike is off the hook! awesome speed and power! Danilo posted by Mark on 2005-07-23
- Thats bad ass posted by Jason on 2005-07-16
- what the hell your english does suck posted by CAR FREAK on 2005-07-13
- I want speed I race I really have a motorcycle and I think that he is going slow to slow go faster and they wuould more money longers videos much better posted by Mario on 2005-07-08
-Mario your english is disapointing posted by Bob on 2005-07-08

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