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good looking supra street racing a 351 mustang
Added date: 06-21
Size: 9.22 MB
Type: mpg
# of Downloads: 213
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-No show this week as we are taking a two week break. Please tune into Warbird Radio for a colupe of re-broadcasts of some of our favorite shows. We hope you will join us on Thursday, the 7th of April at 8 pm EST. We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are. Rob posted by unknow on 2015-10-03
-imports all da way baby. posted by chris on 2008-05-05
-ooooooooo thatsupra is fast posted by pancho on 2008-04-04
-I always thought mustangs sucked but now i know they do. posted by Sniper on 2007-04-21
-I always thought mustangs sucked but now i know they do. posted by Sniper on 2007-04-21
-ONE KICK ASS VIDEO!!! posted by ELMO on 2007-02-17
-ok ill challange anybody with a mustang to a race. you can have all the damn nos you want and ill still smoke ur pos. posted by OTiS on 2007-01-10
-ok ill challange anybody with a mustang to a race. you can have all the damn nos you want and ill still smoke ur pos. posted by OTiS on 2007-01-10
-lol why do people always have to make random things up when they watch racing videos...? MY 7000 HP DRAG CAR WILL BEAT YOUR NEON! posted by mike1125 on 2006-10-28
-Mustang drivers always try to race you and in most cases they just spin and sit there while you take off... ive seen it happen on so many occasions while out in my stock evo mr, i always love smoking these heavy redneck cars posted by mike1125 on 2006-10-28
-i chalenge anyone in my 91 mustang 5.0 h.o. pushing 560rwhp and a 150 shot of NOS come to charlestown IN posted by rhodes on 2006-10-19
-some one got there ass handed to them posted by actiontime on 2006-09-05
-supra sounds nice posted by jasper on 2006-08-23
-Pretty Supra! Both cars sound BAD ASS! Wonder if these guys (since it appears they know each other) would consider a repeat from the other perspective and a 1 or 2 car handicap on the Mustang. Think I'll e-mail Aaron. posted by Christian on 2006-05-26
-damn my t60 neon would get it's ass handed to it by that supra not the stang posted by streetfire on 2006-04-12
-That was pretty awesome! posted by Dick on 2006-03-13
-that supra was hot looks and tires i like mustangs but damnit man posted by Razor Callahan on 2006-02-21
-this was a bad ass race , put I would still nick to see a 95-99 eclipse run if you have one down load it , Bad A$$ run posted by 4G63KSR on 2006-02-17
-bad ass race posted by CHEETO on 2006-02-10
-Love the sound of that turbo!!! posted by Mike on 2006-02-09
-I don't think that Ford had a 5.8, sounded a little closer to the 302 range to me. And that Supra's putting 850 horses to the pavement? I think not. Closer to 400 MAYBE posted by DB on 2006-02-05
-1st things 1st..that is my supra it has a t78 turbo full fuel system and dynoed at 856rwhp and runs 9.51@ 140..the stang is not stock has 100 shot of nos and a built 351 crate motor for those who dont know 403hp stock on that motor.. jesse owns that stang and dynoed @ 612 rwhp and 640 rwtq..race ended with jesse at 145 and me 158 and pulling posted by Aaron on 2006-01-27
-and if u dont believe me u can email me @ and ill email my slips from the track and dyno sheets for mine as well as jesse's car posted by Aaron on 2006-01-27
-very good race, supra's got plenty of power...i still prefer the mustang though...much prettier posted by gerardo on 2006-01-27
-all the supra prolly had was cold air intake.. blow off valve.. and an exhaust system.. plus the stang had an exhaust.. posted by jdm bro 3 on 2006-01-25
-hrmm im a import guy my self DSMer hate to say it but that supra shoulda dusted that stang ... mind u the supra had a better rolling start ... but sad all to beat a stock stang them 5.0's need madd props !! posted by turbotrix on 2006-01-19
-that mustang was no 351 first of all. second of all i had a 351 5.0 and i was running 11.2 on the track and that doesnt look like no 11 sec car. if that mustang was a 351 the supra wouldnt stand a chance. posted by 03smknsvt on 2006-01-19
-that was poor that mustang sux posted by luis on 2006-01-13
-this race. posted by alberto on 2006-01-12
-sadly that stang didn't stand a chance to the supra even if it had the same amount of upgrades posted by paul on 2005-12-30
-dam that supra schooled that mustang posted by Shivan on 2005-12-22
-mustangs suck. that supra had a nice clutch! posted by Paul on 2005-12-16
-MAN that SUPRA ate that mustang alive it riped it a new ass hole posted by Michael on 2005-12-14
-As Always Supras will win posted by Cody on 2005-12-13
-it badass video damn posted by jorge on 2005-12-07
-Man the supra takes anything out! posted by unknow on 2005-12-05
-why is it everytime a mustang loses RYAN has a funny comment, ryan you sound like you've had your ass whipped by a few stangs in the past, holla back posted by t. rodney on 2005-10-31
- pretty funny. sprayed and boosted supra against a mustang. nice posted by john on 2005-10-27
-overinvested supra vs. basic stang???? well with that kinda upgrades what you expect posted by Rich on 2005-10-04
-I own a mustang and i can assure you they suck worse than anything up yours ford posted by brett on 2005-09-17
- ohh well its a mustnag whatdya expect d; posted by Ryan on 2005-08-01
- fast posted by bob on 2005-06-19
- Sucks..LuiSMi posted by Luis Miguel on 2004-07-24

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